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Hello and a warm welcome to my website. On these pages you'll find outlines, samples and even downloads of many of my published stories. I'm chiefly a writer of erotica but many of my tales,  all the way up to novel length, have a strong Science Fiction theme. As I was a professional pilot for over 30 years, there are flying stories, too.

Apart from nine earlier paperbacks, the bulk of my work is now in ebook format. The neat thing about ebooks is that they are private and personal on your laptop, reader, Kindle or whatever - not likely to be found lying around by the kids, or thump through the letterbox on delivery!

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Latest single release:

The Farmer's Gun
Farming in the Sixties is becoming a science, but the new hand on Doorstop Farm lacks qualifications as far as the explosive, hard-drinking Farmer Johnson is concered. Although Tom seems a bit slow, hired at her suggestion, Mrs Johnson finds young Tom well up to the mark. She soon discovers a use for him alevating the pressure of milk over-production after she breastfeeds her baby. But she has other plans for the inexperienced lad. After a close call relieving Tom’s pressure in the cowshed, she decides to delay further adventures with the new lad until her husband is away at market. But come market day, farmer Johnson returns unexpectedly...

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Latest compilation release:

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The Best of Roger Frank Selby, A Sculptor’s Touch, and other tales
A naive young model must pose for a mysterious but afflicted sculptor. Initially disturbed and outraged by his exotic lifestyle and submissive companion, she later decides to return with a vengeance. But how can a blind man sculpt a woman?

The newly colonised planet, Eden, has slipped back into feudalism. An overlord sends out his flying Examiner to harvest exceptional women from his surrounding lands – but just who is this seraphic Examiner, and will the super-intelligent beauty, Andromeda, change this man forever?

A female Butler, ex-army, is settling into her new job at the manor house until she encounters an old lover – the fiancée of her male employer. A sexual catharsis with the couple obliterates her past trauma, and her suppressed femininity bursts free, but will it cost her her job?

A woodwork teacher having trouble controlling his class discovers a new confidence when the busty, bossy drama teacher asks him to fashion a bespoke set of stocks for the school play. Trial fittings uncover that drama teacher, leading to spankings and her sexual liberation within the medieval restraining device.

An exercise bike manufacturing business is going downhill until the new German secretary suggests a brilliant, sexy innovation to the two partners. But just where is this cosy photo shoot on their new exercise tandem taking the three of them?

Five wide-ranging, libido-launching tales, selected from Roger Frank Selby’s many stories written for Xcite books.


The Last Shuttle
I've signed with Sheil Land Associates - with a view to publishing my Hard SF novel THE LAST SHUTTLE. It's a topical subject because the very last Space Shuttle has flown this summer.

I'm hoping for a wider audience than the normal, wonderful, SF fanatic. With this in mind there is little SF initially in this present-day setting, the story reading much as an action adventure novel. Later, as the SF develops, it becomes darker, with crime and horror elements:
John Morgan, a British-born NASA astronaut, is drafted into the US military to fly the Beagle – a shuttle brought out of retirement with a secret, New-Physics payload, which after a conventional launch, gives it the capability of reaching Saturn's moon Titan. Major themes are a renewed cold war, interaction with alien technology and the ephemeral nature of human life, given the long years elapsed back on Earth during subsequent interstellar voyaging. A recurring motif is John's love of two women – his estranged CERN Physicist wife and a young Chinese-American doctor. 
More information as it becomes available!


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"Sonja was a typical flying instructor most of the time, but she was also a very shapely woman all the time. Patrick tried to concentrate on his flying, despite the left breast in contact with his right arm – this hidden, feminine part of her, bouncing noticeably with each ripple of the turbulent summer air..."
Miranda Forbes thought it "a great read with likeable characters and a refreshing backdrop in the field of aviation.

Customer "Amanda" in her 5 star review, said: “I could hardly bear to put the book down and was left breathless and excited as our heroes raced, or rather flew, through Europe and North Africa on their travels.  Neither the raunchy shenanigans nor the main plot are far fetched, making this well scripted novel eminently believable.”       (Her full review HERE )
Customer "Tom"   "Couldn't stop reading it" and said "This book contains both sex and consensual spanking and starts off by covering the antics of a very sexy flying instructor and the way she seduces her pupil whilst the plane is in flight!!"  "a very nice read indeed"  "I can't get the story out of my mind."  He gave it 5 stars, too - Thanks Tom!
If you want to get the flavour of the story, the first chapter IS the short story Aviatrix (which you can download HERE) and the third chapter IS Sonja's Sauna. (see More Stories 2) The story follows pilot Sonja and her ever tolerant pilot husband, Otto across Africa and the Middle East, with Sonja's student Patrick and his girlfriend, Lucy - who's names have been changed from the original short stories.

ICE COMMANDER - Alien sexual tensions on Saturn's fifth moon... 

"...cropped platinum hair and cold blue eyes that gazed right through me. She looked as hard as ice – and at two hundred below zero, ice is like steel.
'Welcome to Saturn V, Sub-
Lieutenant Carter.'
Ice in her voice, too."

An anthology of linked, erotic science fiction stories, these five self-contained tales, Ice Commander, Ice Maiden, Realm of Ice, Ice Mountain and Ice Witness, are set in a future where the military Outer System Fleet (OSF), patrols the frozen fringes of the outer solar system, taming inbound comets that could threaten Earth with extinction. The Ice Commander herself is the beautiful sole survivor of an accident in space which leaves her emotionally frozen; however a puckish, alien free spirit, Laura ('It's just advanced bio-technology!' - she pleads) is able to duplicate the Ice Commander's former, warmer self, to a trainee spaceman, Frank Carter, with confusing but erotic consequences for the young man. Starting on the lonely Ice moon, Saturn V, the stories stretch out to his eventful tour of duty aboard the Rigel in that Realm of Ice, finally ending in a dramatic courtroom revelation in Titan City, home base of the OSF.    Click on the image to read Miranda's introduction and an extract.

Ice Commander is now available from WHSmith!

Rude Words review of Ice Commander

Not so very rude words - a nice and lucid review, in fact!

Coffee Time Review of Ice Commander

An independent review of Ice Commander from Coffee Time Romance. Three Cups! 

Spirit Lovers 2 - The Tree

Yet another great book from e-xcite - an anthology of five paranormal stories, The fifth being my story, The Tree. I think I know why Miranda made it the ultimate story - watch out for the ending...
The Tree

By Roger Frank Selby

An accomplished but plane-wrecked aviatrix, stranded on a desert island, would have a bleak sex life – one would imagine. But as all hopes of her rescue fade, naked in a leafy glade, she finds solace among the branches of a strange tree surrounded by exotic mushrooms. And who could resist toying with and sampling mushrooms shaped like … that?

      Her waking relationship with the tree, its soft boughs and her playthings become woven into increasingly vivid dreams of a Viking invader. The mighty Bork and his longship crew are on an eternal quest to ravish her, until finally, reality itself is called into question.

COCKTALES - All Night Long - "Captain's Table"

Yup! Another collection of stories by Xcite, containing Captain's Table - a rather naughty short story of mine. A voluptuous young woman meets a naval captain in a bar ashore, and, after a few drinks, reveals some of her deepest desires and fantasies to the cunning old sea dog. Ordering her aboard his ship next day - where she is first blindfolded - he fulfils all of them and more, with the lusty assistance of two of his very able seamen. And yes, a table is involved - a padded one with various tie-down points...

CALL GIRL - "A Sculptor's Touch"

A nice surprise from Xcite! They have relaunched my first ever story as part of a new collection of five excellent tales. 
Here is the blurb:
A Sculptor’s Touch by Roger Frank Selby
Nude modelling wasn’t new to Angela, but a blind artist was.  She was nervous, but his sculptures really were wonderful and he promised her that in his hands she would be the most beautiful woman on the planet. 
The story first appeared several years ago in Five Minute Fantasise 2. (see next page) and was selected for The Best of Roger Frank Selby, mentioned above.

More new collections just released:

WHEN WE WERE TWO - "Sonja's Sauna"

Sonja’s invitation to join him in the sauna prompts Erik to take along his new girlfriend, Tanya, for an afternoon’s fun. He hopes the uptight Tanya will relax in the company of uninhibited swinger Sonja, but even he couldn’t have predicted quite how well the two girls will get on as the temperature rises and the swimsuits come off.

BEGGING FOR IT - "The Fitting Room"

Laetitia, a lingerie saleslady, wonders if her last boyfriend was right when he called her "frigid." Then Mr. and Mrs. Brown come into the shop to find something special for the Mrs to wear. Laetitia lets the older woman try on her own custom-made bra, and it fits perfectly. Mr. Brown enjoys the sight of Laetitia's firm young breasts, and before long, Laetitia and the Browns are the best of friends. Unfortunately, Laetitia's supervisor returns just in time to be appalled. How will Laetitia find her new friends when she is without a job and they have been barred from the shop? Where there's a will, there's a way. 

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