Roger Frank Selby


Great customer review - Thanks, Amanda!

Passes with flying colours!
Monday, 24 May 2010  -  Amanda
Rating:  (Five stars!)
The 2 main characters are a handsome pilot and his equally attractive flying instructor. He gains his pilots wings in the most unusual way at the start of story which is laced with raunchy erotic episodes. In flight entertainment takes on a new meaning!
The author, Roger Frank Selby, also introduces us to both of the main characters partners which also gives a good excuse for more high flying antics, described in colourful hedonistic detail.
The main plot however involves bang up to date terrorism and espionage with twists and turns at regular intervals.
The author has cleverly made his work appeal to all readers by fleshing out the details of all involved so you feel that you know them all personally.
It is fast paced and exciting all the way and manages to entice and excite with saucy tales of unbridled lust and passion with good measures of kinky sex and lesbian lust thrown in as well. It is true to say that the women use the men just as much as the men use them for their raunchy, sometimes kinky sexual needs.
I could hardly bear to put the book down and was left breathless and excited as our heroes raced, or rather flew, through Europe and North Africa on their travels.
Neither the raunchy shenanigans nor the main plot are far fetched, making this well scripted novel eminently believable.
I would recommend it wholeheartedly as a holiday read or even to brighten up lunchtimes at work.

The Hole in the Oak Panelled Wall

Here we have a man and a woman in a strange, timeless place of rooms and corridors, where the woman has her head through a hole in the oak panelled wall. Why? This gradually comes to light as the man alternately visits her head and her body. But is there more than one man?  And what will happen if the man meets his former self in a slightly earlier time-frame? This story appears in Ultimate Submission. Yes, this is Science Fiction.


The Fitting Room
 (Download this entire story free of charge!)

After dumping her boyfriend, Laetitia the lingerie assistant wonders if she might be frigid - until she meets Mr and Mrs Brown in her fitting room. I have a soft spot for this story which was first written quite a while ago and matured nicely into a well-rounded tale. (Yes, Laetitia has a well-rounded tail, too, among other attributes appreciated by the exotic Mr and Mrs.)  It is published in Tease Me.
Download the free sample from the Xcite website the link takes you to. You will find that it's this story! Alternatively, click here.

That soft spot I have for this story - I think I fell in love with Laetitia!


A Sculptor's Touch

This is my first published story. It appears in Five-Minute-Fantasies-Angela reports to a successful artist's studio to be interviewed for a modelling assignment... But hold on. The artist - a sculptor - is blind. How on earth can he sculpt her? Unless... She finds out exactly how!




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