Roger Frank Selby



This romp is published in Seriously Sexy 2. Shapely Laura Lacey, recently cashiered naval officer and now theatre actor, visits backstage late one night in her tight sweater to check out the props for her latest production. While bent over and vulnerable in the stocks, she lets the stage manager think he has her at his mercy - but he'd better watch out; Laura is a resourceful lady. Laura is a character I have used before, rampaging through her naval career towards the inevitable court-martial.

Aviatricks (Download the entire story free of charge!)

Sonja is the Swedish flying instructor I would love to have had! She's a bit of a rake, with an understanding, German husband who has plenty of reasons to spank her. After some interesting manoeuvres in the cockpit, she lures a young student into her Sauna for some joint action with her husband. This tale appears in Naughty Spanking 2, along with The Confidante (see below). You can download Aviatricks as the sample story from the book's webpage. This book was my first double whammy, with two stories in one book. 

As well as being a leading character in my new full-length novel, Sex in the Air, Sonja also features in a further linked story,Sonja's Sauna. (see later)

(Aviatricks is the first Chapter of Sex in The Air, while Sonja's Sauna forms the third chapter - apart from some name changes to fit better with the full length novel, the script is the same.) 

The Confidante

This also appears in Naughty Spanking 2, as mentioned above. Its one of the shortest stories I have written and yet tells quite a tale about class and perceived power-gradients, when a young aristocrat catches a gypsy woman bathing in his river and - with some encouragement from the trespasser - spanks her soundly. His riverside conquest precipitates unexpected physical and social calamities for the young lord.

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